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Reversing deforestation is complicated; planting a tree is simple.

- Martin O'Malley

Trees & Plants are the lifelines and the green surroundings give us tranquillity, happiness & inner peace. PIHARAA is an effort to encourage people to love and care for plants, get closer to nature and help increase the green cover to re-balance our ENVIRONMENT. With increasing pollution, the ECOSYSTEM is being burdened day by day. So, we are not being able to BREATHE in fresh air which is the sole reason behind growing rate of illness. To combat this, we plead you to inculcate as much GREENERY as you can at your home. We are here to inform you that now you can buy garden plants, small plants for home, School and Offices in India from PIHARAA. Keeping plants in house is a favoured idea from ancient ages and to carry this further PIHARAA is here to help you and garden up your living space with a touch of nature.

Piharaa is a well-established family run business.

What do we do ?

Provide a powerful and committed customer-focused, client service framework, our objective being to build trust with each and every customer we deal with.

Our Mission

Our mission is to be regarded as India’s most valuable nursery with the widest variety plants and solutions.

History Of Us

Our team of dedicated Specialists source species from all origins so you can enjoy the wonderment and beauty these unique plants have to offer.